Cannes. And Crocodile Tears.

  Yes, it’s almost that time of year again when the advertising community celebrates the best of the best at Cannes. Until 2012 it was known as the ‘International Advertising Festival’ then renamed the ‘Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity‘ as it’s known today. And it’s that ‘creativity’ piece that’s got me … Read more

How To Give Feedback To Your Agency

  Before getting into ‘how to give feedback’ to your agency, it’s perhaps worth asking ‘do you ever give feedback to your agency…?’ Surprisingly, some clients often shy away from providing feedback – either because they fear confrontation, or very simply – they don’t know how or when to do it. … Read more

Is The Traditional AOR History?

  Clients frequently ask about our views on the benefits of consolidating activities into one agency and whether an Agency of Record is still relevant in an age where specialty services are so pervasive.  And does this mean the traditional AOR is history? It’s unlikely there’s a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution that can … Read more

Media: How Much More Complex Will It Get?

  The media landscape has evolved dramatically in the last couple of years, thanks in no small part to technology as a powerful new enabler in the buying process. But while technology may be an enabler, it’s also fundamentally reshaping the media landscape, creating a new high-tech, high efficiency model … Read more

10 Ways To Save Money With Your Agencies (Without Shooting Yourself In The Foot).

  If you’re reading this thinking it may be an easy fix guide to squeezing the living daylights out of your agency(s) to save costs, you’re going to be disappointed.  It isn’t.  Because one of the biggest challenges when marketers try to save money – whether it’s with their agencies or not … Read more

Media. And a Room Full of Elephants.

If you’re in any way associated with the marketing business, you’ve likely been aware of the unprecedented shift in the media business in the last few years. No matter where you look, you can’t help noticing media has been undergoing a radical transformation – from the way it’s delivered, to … Read more

Is Your Incumbent Agency The Right Agency?

  Ever get a gnawing feeling you may not have the right agency but aren’t quite sure why?  Well, here are five warning signs that you may have a deeper problem than normal day-to-day issues and you should consider ways to triage quickly or start thinking about your options for an … Read more

A Marketer’s Guide To Avoiding Cock-Ups

  Well, it’s been yet another interesting week for another iconic brand that’s found itself at the centre of a social media firestorm that just won’t quit. And while the seatbelt sign is doubtless still on at United Airlines, it’s perhaps a timely opportunity to look back on some of … Read more

How To Fix The Biggest Disconnects With Your Agency

  When it comes to marketing and agency management, disconnects between marketers and agencies can be very costly potentially very damaging.  Any of these sound familiar with any of your agencies? Disconnects in strategy and / or creative direction Disconnects in fees, costs and / or expenses Disconnects in deliverables … Read more

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