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Maximize Value From Agency Relationships

Simply put, we help marketers maximize value from all their agency relationships.

Based in Toronto and founded by chief problem solver, negotiator and pitch doctor – Stephan Argent. We’ve helped some of Canada’s biggest marketers maximize their investment through Agency Search and Agency Evaluation, Benchmarking and Contract Reviews. 

With a unique combination in both Agency and Client-side environments, hands-on Brand, Digital and Media expertise, Stephan brings a truly unique perspective to Agency Management Consulting. Follow our journey on Twitter @ArgediaGroup.

The Argedia Group is part of a global network of Agency Management specialists, leveraging common methodologies and expertise in local markets around the world.


We are proud to be affiliated with global partners TrinityP3.
We subscribe to 
The Association of Canadian Advertisers best practices.

  • "A great business partner who really knows
    how to adapt to clients’ true needs."

    - Craig Landry, Vice President Marketing, Air Canada -

Agency Search and Selection

The perfect pitch customized to your requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a best in class Advertising Agency, top Digital Agency, Media or PR agency, we have proven, best practice Agency Search processes that can be customized to your specific needs.

Some of Canada's leading brands, have used our services to help clarify requirements and define their needs including:

  • All Clients
  • "We've thoroughly benefited from your direction, challenge and market knowledge..."

    - Emma Fox, Chief Marketing Officer, Wal-Mart Canada -

Agency Roster Management

Multiple agencies? Multiple challenges?

Do you have multiple agencies on your roster? How do you manage multiple agency relationships to ensure they’re aligned towards expectations, roles and respective responsibilities?

We can help evaluate the capabilities of your current agencies and optimize a structure that best meets your requirements and budget, for maximum performance and improved results.

  • "Great working with you... great job in helping us work through this; well handled."

    - Glenn Hollis, Vice President, Brand Marketing and Merchandising, Tim Hortons -

Contract and Financial Reviews

Is your agency contract still relevant?

When did you last review or renegotiate your agency contract? (Do you even know where it is?) When and how often should you conduct financial reviews? How do you engage your agencies to maximize the value they provide, and align them to deliver on your latest marketing and business objectives?

We work with clients to develop and / or update contracts that define and protect the interests of all parties and ensure problems and issues can be addressed expeditiously as they arise.

  • "We confidently recommended The Argedia Group at the highest levels of our organization."

    - Head of Corporate Marketing, Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation -

Agency Health Check

Get real insights on your incumbent agency.

Identify incumbent agency strengths and weaknesses using our Agency Health Check process. Pinpoint and map results across ten different metrics, providing an invaluable diagnostic on your incumbent agency, and how to improve and manage the relationship.

  • "We came to know The Argedia Group as our “pitch doctor” and he became an honorary member of our team."

    - Rudi Blatter, President & Chief Executive Officer, Lindt & Sprüngli (Canada), Inc. -

Cost Benchmarking

Are your competitors paying less than you?

Has your remuneration model kept pace with the changes in your marketing requirements and changes in today’s marketing industry? Are there opportunities for cost savings?

Because we have a deep understanding of the Canadian advertising agency landscape, as well as exposure to current best practices in cost and compensation structures, we can accurately benchmark your current remuneration model.

  • "The Argedia Group consistently exceeded our expectations…”

    - Janson Anderson, Senior Director - Marketing Communications & Customer Experience, SaskTel -

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Your business is awesome. Your agency should be too.

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